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Lars-Erik Bruce - Curriculum Vitae

Contact information

Sentrumveien 9A
1400 Ski


Master degree

University of Oslo 2010, August — 2012, September
Informatics: Language and Communication

In this field of study I achieved a deep understanding of language technology and scientific research methods. Moreover I gained a specialized knowledge about extracting information from unstructured sources.

Bachelor degree

University of Oslo 2007, August — 2010, May
Information Technology: Language, Logic and Psychology

During my bachelor I obtained a solid proficiency in programming, delving into both object oriented (Java) and functional programming (Scheme, Common Lisp). I also got insight into the theoretical aspects of computer science, as well as philosophy of language and mind. Lastly I gained familiarity language technology, like machine translation, natural language interfaces and processing unstructured textual information.

General admission

Hellerud Videregående Skole 2006, August — 2007, May

Certificate, service electrician

Fagdata A/S, Apprentice 2004, Mars — 2005, October
Ås Videregående Skole 2000, August, 2003, May

Professional experience

Tripletex AS

System Developer 2012, October — present

Tripletex delivers web-based services for accounting, project management, payroll and more. I am currently Tech lead frontend. Technologies include Java, JSP, JavaScript and CSS/SCSS.


System Developer, Summer intern 2011, June — August

cXense developes and delivers services for contextual advertising. I helped develope technology for parsing meta-data and analyze textual content on web pages, as well as implementing new GUI elements. Technologies include Java and JavaScript.

University of Oslo

Research assistant 2010, May — August

Semicolon was a project dealing with organizational and semantic interoperability within the public sector. As part of this I investigated the possibility of using semantic technologies for visualizing and distribute the content in StatBank Norway.

Assisting teacher 2009, May — 2012, May

I have been assisting teacher in three different courses: Introduction to cognitive sciences (one semester), logic and computability (two semesters) and computer linguistics (one semester).

I have also been co-examiner in the course on logic and computability, as well as helped develop a set of exercises for a similar course.

ICA Norge A/S

Employee at delicacy desk 2006, April — 2010, August

Part-time job next to my studies in several of their supermarkets' delicacy desks.

Fagdata A/S

Apprentice 2004 — 2006

As an apprentice my responsibility included setup and maintainance of computers and servers, office machinery such as printers, scanners, thin clients, etc.

Key skills


Java (Tomcat, JSP, Eclipse, UIMA), JavaScript Node, jQuery, HTML5, XHTML, CSS/SCSS, SQL, XML, RDF, SPARQL, Lisp (Common Lisp, Scheme/Racket)

Office tools

LATEX, MS-Office, Open Office


Norwegian, mother tongue.
English, fluently.